Specialty License Plates

If you've ever had your eye on a special Louisiana license plate (like your favorite university's plate or a Saints World Champions plate), we can help! We carry an extensive selection of specialty plates in stock, and our team members are happy to issue one. Click the link below to browse all specialty plates on the Office of Motor Vehicle website. (Please note, some license plates have special requirements, such as military license plates and membership organization license plates.)

Click Here

Cancelling a License Plate

Any time you plan to cancel insurance on a vehicle, it is important to cancel the license plate at the same time. Keeping a license plate on a vehicle without valid insurance coverage will result in considerable fines and restrictions on your driver's license and vehicle title. Avoid these unpleasant issues by bringing your license plate into one of our offices for cancellation for a small fee. We will provide you a receipt showing the cancellation date for your records.

Donating a Vehicle

A donation can only occur when no money has changed hands. Donations in Louisiana are considered authentic acts, meaning they must be signed by all parties and witnessed before a Notary Public. Our on-staff notaries are happy to assist with these transactions. Call or visit one of our offices for more information about donations and required documents.